Custom Built by Western Innovation LLC

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The Roadrunner: It makes hay handling easier then ever.  Moving blocks of hay is your business, and we build a machine for the job.  Move and stacks whole blocks of hay; on the truck, on the stack

and do it fast.

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Custom building a similar to the original Manteca: A derivative with some updates has appeal to some.  And the rebuilt alternative where your original machines of all brands are tore down and rebuilt with custom roadrunner parts. New interiors, paint, LED lighting.  

Custom Roadrunner Parts For All Makes.

Offering theClerf Clamp from:  HARVESTCO

We custom build hay squeeze loader-stackers from heavy truck conversions as well as offer a new built EPA Tier 4 compliant new built machine option . We also offer roadrunner rebuilding and and recondition service for all types of roadrunners. The powerful off-road agricultural hay squeeze, known to the West as an invaluable piece of equipment is our business.  We offer a machine that looks similar to the Legendary Manteca with some timely refinements including slopped rear widows and a larger cab.

The Roadrunner Hay Squeeze

Built for your fantastic farming & Agri-business

Custom built: Customer ordered. Truck conversion.